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The use of industrial belts should pay attention to the three elements

Number of visits: Date:2016-02-29 15:18:11

I think for the average person, the industrial belt is what do not understand. Industrial belt is in fact the use of the belt in the industry, mainly including industrial belts, automobile transmission belt and conveyor belt three. Industrial belts affect the normal operation of the machine, then in use to pay attention to what the problem?

Elements, industrial use of industrial belt, to pay attention to avoid the material covered with a roller, because this will make the rotation is not flexible. There is, pay attention not to let the leakage card appears in the drum and tape between the. Note the lubrication between industrial belts, but also to observe whether it is contaminated by oil pollution.

Two factors, the industrial belt has certain capacity, so don't let industrial belts overload, because this will give industrial belt caused great harm, affect the industrial belt of life, if industrial belt in use when deviated from the parabolic orbit, then to and take corresponding measures to correct, so as not to affect the normal use in the future.

Three factors, the industrial belt breakage, to timely repair, or will cause great harm to send, in industrial belt use process to avoid it by a frame, bulk material damage, lest industrial belt appear rupture.

Hope everyone in the use of, don't ignore small problems, because small problems will lead to a big mistake, you encounter any problems, please consult a professional company's technical staff to solve.



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